Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette 4.5

Create and manage jingles for radio channels

Listen to several jingles from various radio channels, create your own jingles using the multiple loops provided and create custom jingle lists for your station. The tool supports OGG, MP3, MP2, MP1, and WAV.

Jingles are short music pieces that are easy to remember and serve as introductions or themes for radio programs or sections. This free program lets you manage all the jingles of your radio station from one single application.

The program's interface is rather simple and unattractive; nevertheless, it serves the application's purpose, which is to show all the jingles you would need in the same window. The program already has several examples of jingles from different radio stations, as well as generic themes that can serve for different purposes. For example, it has a country music loop which you can use as an intro to a program specialized in that kind of music or as a theme for a review of a Wild West movie. The possibilities are limitless.

Of course, you can add your own jingles to the program. Once you have recorded the files, you can simply import then into the program by clicking on Assign jingle to button option. Since radio programs can vary from day to day, you can create different lists or palettes containing all the jingles you will use on a given day. This way, all the jingles you need will be available for you within a single window.

If you work in a radio station or have your own online radio show, then this free program can be useful for you.

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  • The program is free
  • It has many sample jingles
  • You can customize it by using your own jingles


  • The interface is kind of unattractive
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